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Secret Service — Ye-Si-Ca (TVRip, 1980)

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Secret Service — Ye-Si-Ca (TVRip, 1980)

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TV performance in Spain in 1980.
Music: Tim Norell
Lyrics: Björn Håkanson
Special thanks to @aplausotv for finding and providing us with this rare piece of our history.

On stage:
Lead vocal:Ola Håkansson
Keyboard: Ulf Wahlberg
Guitar: Tonny Lindberg
Bass: Leif Paulsén
Drums: Leif Johansson

I was young and alone
And my heart searched the world for a home
She was free like a bird
And sang songs to me I never heard

She sang Ye-Si-Ca
She sang Ye-Si-Ca

Well, the sound of her voice
Made it plain that she knew about boys
I brought wine to her taste
And we didn't let much go to waste

We sang Ye-Si-Ca
We sang Ye-Si-Ca

And the boys in the band at the hotel
They played it all over again
I knew it by heart in the morning
And her body was more than a friend

She sang Ye-Si-Ca
She sang Ye-Si-Ca

Late at night when the wind
Passes by like the touch of her skin
It will bring to my mind
A song and the sweet smell of wine

She sang Ye-Si-Ca
She sang Ye-Si-Ca

— Secret Service's official site
— Tim Norell's official page
— Tim Norell's official Facebook

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