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PW:AA x MLP:FIM - Elements of Justice ~ Turnabout Theatre (Case 1) [Part 2/3]

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PW:AA x MLP:FIM - Elements of Justice ~ Turnabout Theatre (Case 1) [Part 2/3]

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We did it guys! We managed to make another episode of Elements of Justice! After years of frustration for making the first episode, I've swallowed my pride and decided to get help from other people to help work on the rest of the series. Bringing this team together and getting to know them has been a blast!

This episode actually could've potentially been finished sooner, but after heated debate from my writers, specifically Serenity, we decided that we were going to rewrite Case 1's trial. While it was a bummer at the time that it would mean taking longer to get the next episode out, the rewrite was at a MUCH higher quality than the original script's. So I think you guys will appreciate the extra time to work on this!

Honestly, the transition from working on EoJ by myself to having an entire team was very bumpy, but I think over time we will get find our own synergy, and possibly get to a point where we could finish a case or two! So to the team of EoJ, thank you guys so much for helping me! And thank all of you for sticking with me with this series!

Hope you guys enjoy episode of Elements of Justice!


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