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New York Theatre Barn's New Works Series LIVE / 9.30.20

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New York Theatre Barn's New Works Series LIVE / 9.30.20

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Now in its 13th season, New York Theatre Barn's New Works Series presents exclusive “pre-premieres” of new musicals in the early stages of development. New York Theatre Barn is keeping original live theatre alive during this unprecedented time. From our homes to yours, we are excited to share and experience the magic of live theatre in development.

This installment will be a 45-minute virtual live stream which will include excerpts from two new musicals:

THE LUCKY BOY (by Kirsten Childs) - A satirical one-act musical which looks at what happens when a country is held hostage by a tyrant’s rule. Cruel King Ambrose kills citizens who don’t proclaim him adorable. When it’s predicted that an illegal alien baby named Lucky will grow up to surpass him in adorability, Ambrose throws the child into a nuclear waste bin. Eighteen years later, Ambrose discovers Lucky‘s still alive and hella adorable.

BORDERLINE (by Aryanna Garber & Benjamin Velez) - Borderline is a new musical dramedy about a girl living with Borderline Personality Disorder and struggling for normalcy amidst a revolving door of therapists, medications, and dysfunctional relationships. This new musical is a deeply personal story that explores the highs and lows, heartache and absurdity, of living on the borderline.

Featuring performances from Malik Bilbrew, Aidan Cole, Micaela Diamond (The Cher Show), Kate Fahey, Jasmine Forsberg (Broadway Bounty Hunter, Love In Hate Nation) and Bryonha Marie Parham (Prince Of Broadway, Porgy and Bess, Falsettos)

New York Theatre Barn will be giving a percentage of its donations each month to two charities that support black lives and civil rights. The charities for September will be Black Theatre United and The League of Women Voters of the United States.

Produced by Jen Sandler and Joe Barros

Learn more about The American Theatre Wing:

Donate to Black Theatre United:
Donate to The League of Women Voters of the United States:

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