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Mild Orange - Hey (Live at the Regent Theatre)

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Mild Orange - Hey (Live at the Regent Theatre)

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Hey, and we hope you're doing fine. Much love from Dunedin, New Zealand to the world.

...we'll fill the theatre someday.
Mild Orange filmed and recorded live performing 'Hey' at The Regent Theatre in Dunedin, New Zealand, 2019.

Directed by Sam & Josh Mehrtens
Co-Directed by Tom Kelk, Jack Ferguson, Josh Reid
Editing by Sam and Josh Mehrtens
Film Produced by Josh Mehrtens
Filmed by Sam Mehrtens
Camera Assistance by Barry Kelk
Live Audio Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Tom Bell
Mastered by Fabian Tormin
Lighting by Nelson Miles
Concept: Richard Mehrtens & Mild Orange
Audience: Neki Haig

Mild Orange is Josh Mehrtens, Josh Reid, Tom Kelk & Jack Ferguson

Vocals/Words/Guitar by Josh Mehrtens
Lead Guitar by Josh Reid
Bass Guitar by Tom Kelk
Drums by Jack Ferguson

I just wanna say "hey"
And "I hope you're doing fine"
I want you to know my name
And be able to call you Mine

You seem to brighten up my days
It's you just being graceful
And I've seen you look my way
Or was it something I imagined?

And now that I've said "hey"
Are you doing fine?
And do you know my name?
And can I call you Mine?

Do I brighten up your days?
'Cause I find you amazing
So look my way
Or is this something I imagined?

Oh come say "hey"
Yeah I'll be doing fine
And do you know my name?
And can we make a life, a life
One life

Many thanks to The Regent Theatre Trust, Nelson Miles, Kate Wilson and the Dunedin City Council, Barry & Kerry, & R.M for helping make this happen. Shout out Paul Won.

And a huge thank you to our lovely audience on the day:
After deciding we should do a live session of 'Hey' for you (yes, you reading this) we realised that it's a lot nicer having someone present to play for. Neki has been a fan of ours since day one, since we started out at university in Dunedin, and has always been super supportive of us. So we reached out to Neki when we were back in town to shoot this (we'd actually never met her, but we've now gained a super cool friend in the process of this) and put on a performance in lne of the biggest indoor venues in the city... just for her. Cheers Neki, you're pretty darn cool.

Thanks everyone, we hope you're doing fine.

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