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Learn English Vocabulary: Going to the theatre

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Learn English Vocabulary: Going to the theatre

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In this vocabulary lesson, I’ll be giving you some useful words connected with a visit to the theatre in England. Have you visited the “box office” or read a “programme”? I’ll also give you practical tips on what to expect while you’re there, as well as how to chat with a friend about the show. You will learn words like “foyer”, “auditorium”, “usher”, “interval”, “fringe”, “set”, “scenery”, “characters”, “plot”, and more. I will give you lots of ideas of what to talk about after the performance. After watching, you will know exactly what to expect from a visit to the theatre in the UK. No need to buy a ticket because all you have to do is click, and the performance will begin!

1. REAL ENGLISH: How to talk about art:

2. Life in London – Visiting an art gallery:

3. The Vocabulary of Music:

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