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Amazing PARTNER ACROBATIC from Hercules shadow perfomance / Verba shadow theatre

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Amazing PARTNER ACROBATIC from Hercules shadow perfomance / Verba shadow theatre

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Love 💓 is the most overwhelming, voluminous and high feeling on the earth🌍. Love knows no age and generations. It is a great gift to love and be able to taste such feelings👩‍❤️‍👩💞.

Especially if this is a "divine" love story between the son of the mighty Zeus, Hercules and the beautiful Meg😇. This love came and conquered once and for all. Such feelings, such heroism that it is breathtaking.

This tenderness and strength of feelings became the basis of the partner acrobatics💪. The main characters of the shadow perfomance "Hercules" continue to tell their story in front of the screen😊.
You can find the full version of shadow Hercules here:

Difficult acrobatic elements, handstands and high-altitude lifts all these heroes easily demonstrate to the audience👨👩.

◾If you enjoyed the performance of the acro duet, please see the detailed review and tutorial on the acro elements of parthner acrobatics in our playlist #ActiVerba.

💙Do you believe in love at first sight💙, write to us in the comments)✏️

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Welcome to the shadow world!
We’re the VERBA shadow dance group - one of the greatest representatives of shadow theatre genre. We create a new exclusive video based on Top movies / live stories/ cartoons.
Our project was born in Ukraine. We are the contestants and finalists of TV talent shows:
- America Got Talent (America)
- Romanii au Talent (Romania)
- Ukraine’s Got Talent (Ukraine)
- България търси талант (Bulgaria)
- Minute of Fame (Russia)
- Mam Talent (Poland)
- Das Supertalent (Germany)
- France digital Talent (France)
- Cesko Slovensko ma Talent (Slovakia)

Our big dream – to be a part of the Britain’s Got Talent & America’s Got Talent! And in 2019 we make a huge step to our dream - we go through auditions at 14th season of America Got talent.
It is a good way to show our creativity and ukrainian talent to millions of people, bring some joy and inspiration to their life!

Shadow Theatre VERBA:

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